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About Us

Thank you very much for visiting the official web site of EasyPipe Industrial Group. It is our honor to have you here and we are pleased to represent our products with high quality and reasonable cost.

It is worth mentioning that the industrial activities by the current managers of EasyPipe has begun in 1991 and EasyPipe managers are among the first who have brought the technology of producing 5 layer pipes to Islamic Republic of Iran and they had a key role in localization of this industry.

After many years of experience in importing, producing and distributing the construction products (including pipes, fittings, sanitary faucets, etc.) current managers decided to import, produce and sell our products under a new brand known as EasyPipe while having the ownership of this brand. Now, we are putting all of our efforts toward presenting high quality products with EasyPipe brand.

We want to be completely in touch with our customers and we want to be the best at it. So, let’s be in touch.